"The drive and determination lies within the will of us all.
Be yourself."   
– Brooke


I had to learn the hard way that living a life of extremes is easy and in an attempt to find balance, I realized that's where the true challenge occurs. I have taken my weight to many extremes throughout my life; suffering from an eating disorder and also struggling with being overweight. Somewhere in the midst of it all, I have molded and created myself into something I feel I can be proud of today, in this moment—rather than always setting my happiness on a future date.

I believe the greatest transformations occur from within, and that it’s only by learning to love ourselves as we are today that we will ever truly believe we are enough.

I invite you to join me as we unclench the fists we so easily hold at our reflections in the mirror and join hands together in the unwavering realization that there is strength in numbers, and that the strongest women channel their strength in reaching down to help lift a fallen spirit higher than she could have imagined possible.

We are not training for a marathon, the stage, or for a single date on the calendar circled in red that will soon fade away—we are training for life.